eLab is a small hackerspace managed by Electrical and Electronics Engineering students and ex-students of the University of the Algarve. It consists of a small room equipped with some workbenches and tools and it is prepared so that members can share their knowledge and apply it in the development of all sort of projects. In the case of university students, it is a great place to  consolidate and apply the knowledge acquired during the academic courses.

Our main goals are:

  • To promote the development of different projects in order to apply theoretical knowledge in real life situations, therefore developing the skills we all acquired in our areas of studies;
  • To promote the organization of workshops which allows members to acquire or improve their communication skills and at the same time sharing their knowledge with others;
  • To help ready our members to face the economic market, whether through the experience earned in the execution of projects or either through the organization of workshops.
  • To endow our members with knowledge in diverse areas of engineering which will allow them to start with an idea and to design and develop it, until they reach their goal.
  • To create didactic material which can allow students to develop at home the exercises proposed during their academic courses.
  • To develop projects that will increase EEE’s visibility at a national level, either through the organization of social and community events or through the participation in electronics, robotics or engineering competitions.
  • To improve itself through the acquisition and construction of new equipments and tools.