We recently got our hands on the Dangerous Prototypes Logic Pirate, which is an inexpensive open source logic analyzer. While it’s cool to see the PCB and the entire circuitry, this is the kind of thing that you’re gonna end up carrying it with you a lot, since it’s a useful tool, therefore our first thought was that it needed a proper enclosure to protect it from the rough environment that is the tool kit! And, since we have a LulzBot 3D printer, why not design a cool looking case that we can use.


Because this is an increasingly popular device, we though there might be already a few designs online, and we did find a cool one on Thingiverse by Bartimaeus. It would still keep the circuit on sight because it uses acrylic covers, but we we’re looking for something that could be completely 3D printed, without the need for the acrylic parts. So we remixed it a little bit!

Since this is a Dangerous Prototypes project, we thought it would be nice to include their logo somehow on the casing, so we came up with this:

We then made on for Seeed Studio too, since it’s the main seller:

And of course the Hackaday logo as well:

This case is made of 2 different parts, a bottom and a top one that will fit together, closuring the logic pirate circuit inside. We made a hole right above the LED and also a small window on both sides to allow for an easy reading of the pin labelling:


The bottom cover is always the same, but for the top cover you can choose which one you like best:


So all you need is the logic pirate, the bottom and top parts, 4 M3x8mm screws and 4 M3 nuts:


The assembly is super easy, just fit the logic pirate onto the bottom part, with the USB port sided up:


Now put the top face over of it:


Then simply insert the screws onto place. The bottom cover has a shape for the nuts, so it will keep them in place and avoid them from spinning:


And you’re done! Now you have your new 3D printed case for your Logic Pirate:

img_20150825_001026 - Cópia.jpg

You can switch between colors or keep them all one color if you’d prefer:


The files are all available on Thingiverse so you can print your own case! They are included with extra support material, to guarantee a good print, easily removable later.

João Duarte

One of the founders of eLab Hackerspace! Post-Graduate with a Specialization in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Some of his interests include digital fabrication, home automation, robotics, high voltage and chemistry.


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