One of the smallest and simpler projects we made for Lisbon Maker Faire 2015 was a small 3D printed replica of a Lisbon Tram, one of the most charismatic icons of the city! All parts are available on Thingiverse.


I thought about it just a few weeks before the event so there wasn’t much time to design it. First I looked online for some cool models that I could use but I didn’t find much. So I started designing it on Tinkercad.


I based it on a lot of different pictures from different angles. Took me a while to make it but I think it turned out cool:

I wanted to make it with the real colors, otherwise it wouldn’t be so interesting, so I needed to divide it into a few different parts that would later be fitted together and glued down.


Once the design was figured out, it was time to start printing it. I started with the yellow base:


The white part was tricky, it has a lot of retractions and a giant bridge near the end. Unfortunately some of the pillars were so thin they eventually broke. I later redesigned the part to make them wider. But the bridging though worked out nicely, I was surprised with our Lulzbot TAZ4!


Since I was kind of in a rush, I also used a Prusa I3 to print the roof at the same time:


It was simple yet attractive, people at the faire immediately recognised what it was:


If you want to print your own, you can find all parts available on Thingiverse.

CPRpfL7WUAAaNr_.jpg large.jpg

Maybe you can even try and switch the color combination to end up with different styled trams!

João Duarte

One of the founders of eLab Hackerspace! Post-Graduate with a Specialization in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Some of his interests include digital fabrication, home automation, robotics, high voltage and chemistry.


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