Great, great news for eLab Hackerspace! We won a Taz 4 3D Printer from Lulzbot in their 4th Annual Hackerspace Giveaway!

At first, we could hardly believe that we had actually won one of the best 3D printers on the market (currently the third best FDM 3D printer, according to 3Dhubs on 18/03/15), but it’s real and it arrived this Monday! 😀 We were especially happy since this prize was awarded to us due to our work since the beginning of eLab Hackerspace, and not by the number of likes or followers, like most contests nowadays.

This morning we were at RUA FM, the academic radio of Algarve, recording an interview about our award and today we’ll have an “unboxing party” starting at 8PM at eLab Hackerspace to finally set it up and make the first prints 😀 Here’s what’s coming out of the box:


Photos and videos will be coming soon 🙂 (and a bunch of new projects and events coming, now that we have a 3D printer to speed things up and open new possibilities 🙂 )

We’d like to thank Lulzbot for choosing us as one of the 32 Hackerspaces in the whole world that deserved to get one of their awesome 3D printers. We also thank them for the amazing contribution they do every year to support the Maker community. All the communication we had with Lulzbot has been great: they replied super fast, took their time to answer all of our questions and shipped the items also super fast. We had never been customers of Lulzbot before, but we’re so amazed with their service that we’ll surely order some filament spools soon… the Lulzbot Green PLA  and the T-glase filaments are really awesome and we really have to get some of those 🙂 . Oh, and did I mention the free shipping for orders over 50$ and sent from their warehouse in London (no duties!)? 😀 Just great!


Stay tuned for more updates from eLab Hackerspace! 🙂

Mário Saleiro

Mário is one of the founders of eLab Hackerspace. Usually likes to tear things apart and magically turn them into something new. Likes electronics, digital fabrication, robotics, computer vision and a lot of other stuff. Has a BSc and an MSc in Electronics Engineering and is currently finishing his PhD in Computer Science.


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