In the past April’s 11th, another open day took place at University of the Algarve. An initiative that received dozens of high school students, providing them with a small visit into the world of knowledge and investigation. This important informative event, plays a fundamental role divulging UAlg’s last studies and projects, allowing students to obtain relevant information that will allow them to make a good decision about their future in higher education.


eLab Hackerspace had the opportunity to participate in this event, preparing a small exposition of projects developed by its members, introducing itself to everyone and at the same time, promoting learning, personal development, reusing of old electronic devices and the share of knowledge. This way, visitors were offered an interesting and pedagogical experience, while calling on to their creativity, and capability, with more or less work, to create their own projects.

Here’s a video of Localvisão about the open day at UAlg:

And also a few photos from the event:

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And so eLab Hackerspace takes part in another a social event.

João Duarte

One of the founders of eLab Hackerspace! Post-Graduate with a Specialization in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Some of his interests include digital fabrication, home automation, robotics, high voltage and chemistry.


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