Another eLab’s workshop was organized last month, November 28th. On this workshop, participants were given the opportunity of learning to use the Arduino, a single board open source platform with a microcontroller, very famous for its flexibility and for being easy to use by artists and beginners.


Some practical examples about electronic instrumentation were executed, like homemade pressure sensors, light intensity measurement and distance measurement with ultra sounds. Some actuator examples were tried as well, like LEDs, DC motors, servo motors and even an electric ignition system.

The participant’s feedback was once again very positive, although the duration of the workshop was relatively short, it was noted a very interesting topic, the interaction between participants and the application of the examples mentioned.

There were also some interesting suggestions like the creation of basic material kits to give the participants, the presentation of challenges to originate an healthy and competitive environment, and even the expansion of our workshops to other Campuses and universities in Algarve.

We would also like to thank the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of the Algarve for the classroom they provided us, and our friend Aldric Négrier for accepting our invite and very kindly presenting this workshop for us. Our many thanks!

Here are some pictures of the workshop:

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Hugo Santos

IT and Electronics Engineer | Maker


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