eLab will organize a new workshop about “Electronic instrumentation for beginners based on Arduino” in November 28th at 5.30 pm.


This workshop will approach the following:

  1. Signals (physical amount);
  2. Signal generators (sensors);
  3. Signal acquisition (sensors);
  4. Processing;
  5. Actuators (equipment);
  6. Arduino 101;
  7. Arduino controlled nuclear reactor;
  8. More examples with Arduino.

It’s required to bring a Breadboard, Arduino and a laptop to program it. You can also bring some diverse components like LEDs, potentiometers, LDRs, sensors, etc.

Participants that don’t have an Arduino, might or not participate, depending on the amount of participants with an Arduino, work groups will probably be created. This workshop costs “1 elab”.

The workshop will take place either in eLab or in a classroom, depending the number of participants (16 max).

Hugo Santos

IT and Electronics Engineer | Maker


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