eLab’s first activity was a success, we had a full house and a very positive feedback from the participants. For 4 hours we had a great team spirit, lots of fun and everybody learned without even noticing.


 Tiago Afonso with his preciousssssss :p

In the end everyone took their brand new lab power supply home.

According with the participant’s feedback we were able to conclude that:

  • Everyone learned something new;
  • It was considered interesting and useful;
  • And they want to participate in future activities, with other thematics like: making PCBs, robotics, web-design and microprocessors.

Here are some pictures of the workshop, and we’ll be back soon with more news!

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João Duarte

One of the founders of eLab Hackerspace! Post-Graduate with a Specialization in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Some of his interests include digital fabrication, home automation, robotics, high voltage and chemistry.


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