Welcome to eLab’s blog! This will be the first of many posts about the projects developed by the Electrical and Electronics Engineering students, ex-students of the Superior Institute of Engineering in the University of the Algarve and also from other members.

Some of you probably knew NOISE – Electrical and Electronics Engineering Nucleus, which has now been restructured to work as a place for sharing knowledge and experiences in an informal environment. The first phase of this project took place every Monday night in October 2011. The work consisted in cleaning, organizing and rearranging the space:

2011-11-21 22.11.13.jpg

  • We created new shelves for better use of the little space we have available;
  • We desoldered electronic components from old home appliances we had, trashing all the rest which was not somehow usable, increasing our free space in the lab for project development;
  • All the desoldered components were separated and added to our stock, improving accessibility to them;
  • More work furniture was required to the University, creating room for 6 work stations for electronics and 1 central work station for mechanical actions.
  • One computer was installed for researches, space management and other needs;
  • And of course, the blog was created for online disclosure.

Here’s what we’ve done with the place:

2012-01-16 19.36.30.jpg 2012-01-16 19.36.35.jpg 2012-01-16 19.37.10.jpg 2012-01-16 19.37.16.jpg

Our main goals are:

  • To be a place for a weekly meeting, or even daily if given the change, where members can be together, sharing their knowledge and presenting their questions in an informal environment;
  • To promote the development of different projects in order to apply theoretical knowledge in real life situations, therefore developing the skills we all acquired in our areas of studies;
  • To promote the organization of workshops which allows members to acquire or improve their communication skills and at the same time sharing their knowledge with others;
  • To help ready our members to face the economic market, whether through the experience earned in the execution of projects or either through the organization of workshops.
  • To endow our members with knowledge in diverse areas of engineering which will allow them to start with an idea and to design and develop it, until they reach their goal.
  • To create didactic material which can allow students to develop at home the exercises proposed during their academic courses.
  • To develop projects that will increase EEE’s visibility at a national level, either through the organization of social and community events or through the participation in electronics, robotics or engineering competitions.
  • To improve itself through the acquisition and construction of new equipments and tools.

The space is now ready to begin the second phase, which is project development. For this part we want the cooperation of everyone who wants to participate in eLab. You can participate in different ways:

  • In common eLab’s projects;
  • Proposing new projects, which their execution will depend on the resources available here;
  • Using the workspace and materials for personal projects;
  • Participating in eLab’s activities like presentations, workshops;
  • And taking part in our meetings to discuss management issues and other matters.

Right now we’re focused in two projects:

  • Creating a RFID card reader, to implement an electronic entry control system in eLab;
  • Designing and constructing the eLab logo with LEDs to identify our lab.

We’re waiting for you!

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Mário Saleiro

Mário is one of the founders of eLab Hackerspace. Usually likes to tear things apart and magically turn them into something new. Likes electronics, digital fabrication, robotics, computer vision and a lot of other stuff. Has a BSc and an MSc in Electronics Engineering and is currently finishing his PhD in Computer Science.


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