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PCBWay I Can Solder Kit 2019

I’m happy to announce that PCBWay is running a STEAM Education contest with prizes up to 500$, and I’ve been selected as one of the judges for the competition. Besides the monetary prizes, the winning projects will be produced and sold by PCBWay and the winners will receive 10% of sales permanently. So in case you’re interested and you have a PCB design that you want to share, don’t miss this opportunity! You have until June 15 to submit your design through here.

UAlg Summer Courses 2015

The University of Algarve has just organized the 3rd edition of the UAlg Summer Courses. These offer the young students insight over many different areas like art & design, sciences, communications, sports, economy, management & tourism, engineering, medicine and sociology.

eLab Hackerspace had the opportunity to contribute to the event with a DIY PCB fabrication workshop as well as a small project presentation. Continue reading UAlg Summer Courses 2015

Workshop summary: Making PCBs

After another workshop in eLab, we can be proud for organizing another successful event. In this second workshop, all the participants had the opportunity to learn about some of the most common methods used for the homemade manufacture of printed circuit boards. A total of 5 methods of transferring the circuitry to the board were demonstrated: UV light exposure with acetate sheet and greaseproof paper, toner transfer to a magazine sheet and to foil and finally by applying a negative dry film. Also, 2 corrosion processes were demonstrated: through iron perchlorate and through a mixture of muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Continue reading Workshop summary: Making PCBs