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GearBest Decaker Micro Laser Engraver Review

A few months ago I received this Decaker Micro Laser Engraver from GearBest and finally I’ve had some time to do the review. This will be a short overview, since you can read my full review here. Starting with the basics, this has a 1000mW laser head and a engraving area of just 38×38 mm. It works on paper, card, wood, plastic and leather, as long as it’s not a reflective material.

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Think3DPrint3D Kossel Mini Kit: Unboxing, Review & Upgrade

A few months ago we got the amazing news that our project 3D Printed DNA Lamp was one of the winners of the instructables 3D printing contest! As a reward we received the Kossel Mini Kit 3D printer, so here’s the unboxing, review and … upgrade? (I’ll explain later :P)

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LulzBot TAZ 4: Unboxing and review

Now this is one of the most exciting posts we ever wrote! The long awaited unboxing and review of our newly awarded TAZ 4 3D printer by LulzBot in their 4th Annual Hackerspace Giveaway!

We were all here pretty excited when we got the terrific news that our Hackerspace had been one of the winners! So, obviously everybody in eLab wanted to be here for the grand unraveling and “test drive” of our new 3D printer, after all it felt like an amazing Christmas morning 😛

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eLab has an electronics recycling bin!

eLab has now an electronics recycling bin!

Anyone who has old electronic devices or small home appliances to trash can now bring them to our recycling bin. We will disassemble them and desolder all the components we can, so they can be reused later.

This way, not only you’re getting rid of the trash but at the same time you’re contributing to a bigger diversity of components available in eLab, helping the environment as well, of course!

Week 3 – 30th January 2012

In eLab’s third week, we’ve continued the projects we had previously started:

  • eLab’s logo is almost finished, the circuit is complete, there is only some adjusts left to do to some LEDs. Soon it’ll be visible to everyone above our lab’s door.
  • The RFID reader for our entry system control is still in development, it is an ambitious project and has been offering us some difficulties, although we have started to obtain some visible results.

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Week 2 – 23rd January 2012

In our second week, after the opening of eLab, several small projects were initiated:

  • Desk lamps were installed in each work station to allow better conditions for our activities.
  • An acrylic eLab’s logo was made for LEDs to be added later, with the purpose of identifying our Lab from the exterior.
  • The RFID card reader project for the entry control system was started this week. The circuit was designed and the components identified.
  • A heating system was also initiated, as a project for acrylic bending, through recycled halogen light bulbs from old scanners.

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