eLab Hackerspace Logo made of PVC

Week 2 – 23rd January 2012

In our second week, after the opening of eLab, several small projects were initiated:

  • Desk lamps were installed in each work station to allow better conditions for our activities.
  • An acrylic eLab’s logo was made for LEDs to be added later, with the purpose of identifying our Lab from the exterior.
  • The RFID card reader project for the entry control system was started this week. The circuit was designed and the components identified.
  • A heating system was also initiated, as a project for acrylic bending, through recycled halogen light bulbs from old scanners.

We’ll bring some news next week about the development of these projects! Stay tuned.

2012-01-23 21.18.03.jpg2012-01-23 21.18.11.jpg2012-01-23 21.18.15.jpg2012-01-23 21.18.25.jpg2012-01-23 21.18.41.jpg2012-01-23 21.18.50.jpg2012-01-23 21.18.58.jpg2012-01-23 21.19.04.jpg2012-01-23 21.19.18.jpg2012-01-23 22.51.00.jpg2012-01-23 22.51.11.jpg2012-01-23 22.51.23.jpg2012-01-23 22.51.32.jpg2012-01-23 22.51.54.jpg2012-01-23 22.52.03.jpg

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